uilleann pipes, bagpipe, gaita, wooden flute
Bart Praet's roots are not far from Gooik, a place that breathes folk & folk music, as it were. From an early age he got to know and play folk music thanks to, among others, Herman Dewit, Rosita Tahon and Walter Evenepoel. As a young fellow he studied bagpipe at the academy with Jean-Pierre Van Hees. At this point in his musical journey he already met Bert Leemans! Thanks to the extensive Galician community in Brussels (Centro Galego de Bruxelas), he came into contact with the gaita. He also ventured toward the uilleann pipes, a defining instrument for the characteristic sound of Elanor. Bart developed into a multi-instrumentalist and, in addition to all kinds of bagpipes, also plays the recorder and wooden flute. Nearly all compositions in Elanor were created by him!


electro-acoustic hurdy gurdies (alto & soprano)
Since the hurdy-gurdy crossed his path, Thomas has been enchanted by the rich sound of this unique instrument. The infatuation became a true passion. Thomas followed intensive workshops & internships domestically (Martina Diessner, Iep Fourier, Hans Quaghebeur…) and abroad (Gregory Jolivet, Gilles Chabenat, Isabelle Pignol, Valentin Clastrier…) Several years later he turned to the crank himself with the young folk bands Kléan, Barnabas & Findus. Now he tours throughout Western Europe with the established balfolk formation Cecilia (with Jan Leeflang and Greet Wuyts). In addition, he is a frequently requested guest musician at different ensembles. Thanks to his background in computer science, Thomas can combine ancient sounds with the most modern sound techniques. For many years, Thomas has also been a permanent instructor of his instrument, i.a. at the Stichting Draailier & Doedelzak (the Netherlands), at the non-profit association Westelfolk and at the academies of Dranouter, Gooik and Ghent.


accordion, accordina
Bert Leemans has played the chromatic accordion since he was eight. He attended ten years of lessons at the Music Academy of Meerbeke with Jurgen Vansteenkiste, Philippe Thuriot and Cindy Michielse. He learned to play folk during internships with Riccardo Tesi, Cyril Roche and Stéphane Milleret. In addition to the accordion he also plays the accordina. He took his first steps on the stage with the folk group Broekzak. Bert is a founding member of the folk group EmBRUN and an active musician in numerous other folk bands: Triple-X, B-Boa, Les Boîtes, Variomatic, the Leemans-Driessens duo, EmBRIO. In addition to all these projects you can also hear him play solo, possibly in duet with himself thanks to a loop station. Bert plays a Saltarelle chromatic accordion and an accordina by Marcel Dreux.


electric basses, kick
From an early age Jelle Van Cleemputte experimented with all kinds of instruments, including the violin, piano, guitar and drums. After a jam session with guitarist and childhood friend Kuni he found his one true passion: the bass guitar. He immediately started bass guitar training with Koen Kimpe. In 2009 he was admitted to the Royal Conservatory of Ghent (now named School Of Arts). There he was taught by Christoff De Visscher and Vincent Pierins (Clouseau) among others and graduated with honours in 2014. In the meanwhile he attended double bass training and also teaches lessons himself at the music schools of Geraardsbergen and Ronse. Jelle is active in several bands and familiar with many genres. For instance, he plays bass guitar in the pop music group Zinger (winner of Nieuwe Lichting 2015) and double bass at the (gipsy) jazz band Les Bandits de Belleville. Bert Leemans introduced him to the folk scene. He plays at the folk band Zigo and he already was the substitute bass player for EmBRUN and POLK XL.


acoustic guitar
Kuni Quintens was interested in the guitar from an early age, mainly thanks to his uncle Erik Verbeeck (bassist for the Stuffed Babies on Wheels & Agent Cooker). Pretty quickly he started the training for classical guitar with Rebecca Wannyn at the Municipal Academy of Geraardsbergen. He became interested in folk after visiting some folk festivals (Gooikoorts, Na Fir Bolg, ...) and after attending a DADGAD guitar workshop by Maarten Decombel. In 2010, he was on stage for the first time with Purkwapa. He also got involved in the organisation of the folkbal Latjughan in Ghent for a few years.